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The Roasting Shack

Wake-Up Blend 12oz

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* Note on Subscriptions: Our coffees rotate due to availability and demand. If we stop carrying a coffee you are subscribed to, we will automatically replace it with a coffee of equal value and similar taste.

Our coffee is packaged in high-quality vented bags that maintain freshness for up to three months when unopened.

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This blend is designed for coffee drinkers who know coffee is critical to survival.   This Roasting Shack blend is designed to be a complex, balanced, smooth cup of coffee that gets you moving in the morning.   We blended three single-origin coffees to make this unique and tasty survival coffee that brings the best-tasting notes of three famous coffee-growing regions: Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Costa Rica.   This blend is big and bold and balances dark-tasting notes with light.  Chocolate, Citrus, and fruity notes make this coffee very tasty.  It makes a full-body coffee with medium acidity that is both bright and smooth.

We recommend our Wake-Up Blend for all types of coffee brewers and hope you enjoy this creation that will make waking up in the morning worth it. No Robusta coffee is ever used in our blends, and all coffee beans are of a single origin.

    • Harvested: February, 2023
    • Process: Washed
    Flavor Notes
    • Chocolate
    • Floral
    • Citrus
    • Nutty
    • Smooth