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Instant Coffee - Guatemala Huehuetenango (Organic)

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This is a single-origin Guatemala Huehuetenango instant coffee.  It is a very carefully processed instant coffee that actually does "taste good" because of its high-quality single-origin coffee beans and specialized brewing process.  The hiking packaging is 100% compostable and the shipping is 100% carbon neutral. 

We have spent a year making this amazing tasting instant coffee and it is absolutely second to none in its taste.  This coffee has a two-week backlog currently on processing but is worth the wait because of its taste.  Our Guatemala Huehuetenango tastes like a well balanced low acidity single origin coffee and it is an instant coffee. We encourage you to try this instant coffee because you will TASTE the difference from any other instant coffee. Enjoy!

This product is made to order and requires up to two weeks of processing time before shipment. Contains six 4.5g packets and one package is good for a 12-16oz cup of quality coffee.