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Brazil Salmo Plus (Farm Gate) - 12 oz

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* Coffee orders are roasted on Saturdays and shipped the following Monday.


Farm Gate purchased from 12 small producers. Natural process means ripe and raisin cherries are collected, cleaned and separated by weight at washing stations. The pre-drying process occurs under the sun between 2 to 7 days or more (farmers favor full sun dried process whenever possible) and finalized in mechanical driers followed by 30 days of resting in wood boxes to homogenize the dry coffee. Flavor notes of this region are Milk Chocolate, Granola, Raisin. This is a unique coffee that makes a smooth espresso or morning cup of coffee.

  • Origin: Brazil, South America
  • Harvested: May, 2020
  • Altitude: 3940-4100ft
  • Process: Natural / Dry
  • Varieties: Mundo Novo, Catuai Red, Yellow, Topazio, Catucai, Acaia
  • Q Grade: 84
Flavor Notes
  • Cocoa
  • Fruity
  • Mellow
  • Fair Trade