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About the Roasting Shack

Roasting Shack is a veteran-owned company passionate about roasting great tasting coffee the way you like it. We seek out suppliers that ethically source their green coffee beans and are committed to selecting only the best quality beans to roast. This attention to detail gives you a taste of the region, farm, processing style, and, hopefully, a tasty insight into the culture and flavors of that country.

The Roasting Shack treats green coffee beans like the agriculture crop that it is. We know that tastes change annually and that many factors impact this. We track and follow the seaons for all of our coffee selections, so you always have a fresh green bean that has not been sitting in a warehouse for years going stale. No one wants a stale cup of coffee!

The Roasting Shack wants you to discover the joy of freshly roasted coffee stored in near ideal conditions until it roasts and then rests for 48 hours and is then packaged and mailed to you doorstep within 24 hours. We offer local pickup and delivery by mail. The Roasting Shack adheres to all COVID-19 protocols and sanitizes all its bags before shipping for your safety.

Scot Pears
Meet Scot

I have a passion for roasting specialty coffee beans. I enjoy all things coffee and research all my green bean selections intensively to get the best beans from all over the world. I care about the origin of the coffee as well, ensuring it is ethically sourced. I pay attention to every detail and, together with my brother, we source and roast some outstanding coffee. As you follow our small business you will see that we are silly people who enjoy what we do. We believe in community and support those who serve it. I retired from the Army after 23 years of service and I have a heart for all public servants who give to our society.

Why Do I Love Roasting Specialty Coffee?

I became aware that coffee is much like beer, whisky, wine, and cigars. Coffee is complex and requires both art and science to make a quality product. I have worked eight years at perfecting the skill of roasting quality, specialty coffee beans. I want to share my knowledge and products with fellow coffee enthusiasts. Our crew works hard to get the best taste profile from each individual bean we roast. Our single origin and blends are made with thought and care. I would be honored if you joined us for some quality specialty roasted coffee that is always fresh and the way you like it each morning.

Our Philosophy

The simple concept that coffee is best when roasted fresh is the mantra of the Roasting Shack. We believe that if you give us a try, you will find that you are not only supporting a small local business owner, but you are receiving a notably superior quality cup of coffee.

Our slogan is Happy. Coffee. People. We aim to please you and your refined palette for great coffee. The Roasting Shack will cater to our customers' specific tastes, unlike our larger competitors. You can request a particular roast, and we will accomodate your preferences. We provide excellent customer service. So, let us be your fresh, locally-owned coffee roaster. Your taste buds will thank you.

Our Promise

The coffee you receive from the Roasting Shack will be in season and fresh. It will be stored in the correct humidity and temperatures once we receive in from our supliers. As with any agricultural crop, coffee can have different qualities and tastes depending on the year. Weather, soil conditions, and farming practices of the region have a significant impact on the quality of green bean harvested.

We carry seasonal single origin coffees and blends, so once the green beans are out, we will design a new combination to take its place.

The Roasting Shack wants to share this experience of seasonal coffess and blends with you. Quality is important to us, and if you are disastisfied with our product, we will give a full refund, no questions asked.